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Our learning journey is core to our teens’ coding program and we endeavor to make sure that we constantly tweak and improve it so that we can have a seamless program.  We kick off with a free two-week program and this is designed to introduce the learners to the concept of critical thinking and problem solving using computer science concepts. We use visual programming tools that are suited for the 8+ years to 12 years
Software Development In this increasingly digital era, software development is a booming career sector. Without any denial, I can proudly say that taking a path of being a software developer now is a smart move. By the looks of things, software developers are in a better position than ever before. Practically every Tech company now has a team of software developers working away to build and maintain the technology behind their apps, websites, or systems
Three years ago, I took a deliberate but unnerving step to change careers- from baking(I owned a bakery) to joining the tech space. Unnerving because everyone was frowning on this newfound ‘passion’ and decision- I mean ‘Why would you even think of changing careers at 28? The world is leaving you behind!’ Well, nonetheless, I started self-teaching Python, and later enrolled in a coding boot camp. One thing was extremely evident though, very few women
I believe every designer has a story to tell. I am currently a UI/UX Designer at CodeImpact and would love to share my story with someone of similar interest. My story For several times, I had always been bothered by unpleasant designs. Every time I visited a website and it didn’t catch my eye, it would bother me, I often asked myself a question why would this Developer code something like this? I must admit
The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.– Mark Van Doren. Am very happy to be part of it🎉. Mentoring and sharing knowledge are some of the things that I have a passion for doing aside from being a software developer. I feel very delighted when I am able to help in that regard. My work at CodeImpact is mostly aligned to teaching and mentoring teenagers in the enterprises of computer science and

As we expose our children to the technology of the 21st century we need to make sure we are exposing them to the technology that is designed with the following core tenets in place:

Design to enable wise choices

"Instead of assuming intent based on what users reveal via their engagement metrics, focus on understanding users’ values and goals and help them refine their moment-to-moment intentions."

They show us not what we want, but what we can’t help looking at.

Just because we look at something, or we click on something, that doesn’t mean it’s what we want, or even what we believe is best for us.

Our evolutionary responses are calibrated for survival, not for thriving.

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