TechRise Africa Kit

The TechRise Africa kit is an innovation by the founders of Code Impact. It arose out of frustration with the high cost of teaching STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) programs especially with robotics which involves expensive equipment. In Africa where incomes are meagre, this is a big impediment to realising our dream of an […]

Content Creation! My Discoveries about it

Well, most businesses have gone digital! and yes this is the best decision one can make. I mean, it gives you the opportunity to grow your business beyond your physical location and also, allows you to access potential customers you could never reach conventionally. This clearly indicates that your clients are online too. And so, […]

Community means a lot to us at CodeImpact

CodeImpact is invested in making sure every child and young adult has a chance of exposure to tech mentorship. Our work goes beyond just opening up tech mentorship clubs in schools that teach coding and robotics, but we think of it holistically. Beyond the technical skills which undoubtedly are important, we engage the learners in […]

Our Learning Journey At CodeImpact

Our learning journey is core to our teens’ coding program and we endeavor to make sure that we constantly tweak and improve it so that we can have a seamless program.  We kick off with a free two-week program and this is designed to introduce the learners to the concept of critical thinking and problem […]

Why Software Development as a Career?

Software Development In this increasingly digital era, software development is a booming career sector. Without any denial, I can proudly say that taking a path of being a software developer now is a smart move. By the looks of things, software developers are in a better position than ever before. Practically every Tech company now […]