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Content Creation! My discoveries about it. Well, most businesses have gone digital! and yes this is the best decision one can make. I mean, it gives you the opportunity to grow your business beyond your physical location and also, allows you to access potential customers you could never reach conventionally. This clearly indicates that your clients are online too. And so, you need to keep in touch with them through different channels, using various content
I have been thinking about this for a while and to be honest, I have struggled quite a bit. I will try my best to articulate it here and hopefully, this will bring some clarity on why we are doing what we are doing. Our core purpose is to build curricula and design programs for coding boot camps around the world. Our current work is with a South African partner called talent-centric. I have always seen
A developer-community is a very important part of learning and everyone should be a part of one no matter what you are learning. In the technology space, this idea was embraced a long time ago and it has proven to be very effective in the learning journey of many wannabe software developers. The feeling of belonging and also the desire to be part of something you are passionate about is amazing. I remember when we
developer-community members in a session
CodeImpact believes in the power of technology and what it can do to change lives and impact communities. In Africa where youth unemployment is high, technology is part of the answer to change the status quo. We believe that introducing technology early to our children will put them in a better place to compete favorably with their counterparts all over the world. In a world where technology has demystified geographical barriers, jobs are no longer
Recording our digital hustle africa podcast with DJ Bush Baby
The Digital Hustle Africa podcast spent an hour this weekend with arguably East Africa’s best DJ Bush-baby talking about responsible use of the internet by teenagers and how parents are dealing with it. It was interesting to see how being involved as a parent can make a huge difference in making sure our children are well protected on the internet. DJ Bush Baby was emphatic in his position that parents ought to create an environment

As we expose our children to the technology of the 21st century we need to make sure we are exposing them to the technology that is designed with the following core tenets in place:

Design to enable wise choices

"Instead of assuming intent based on what users reveal via their engagement metrics, focus on understanding users’ values and goals and help them refine their moment-to-moment intentions."

They show us not what we want, but what we can’t help looking at.

Just because we look at something, or we click on something, that doesn’t mean it’s what we want, or even what we believe is best for us.

Our evolutionary responses are calibrated for survival, not for thriving.

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