CodeImpact Developer Community

We are an online learning community aimed at empowering and nurturing young people that are passionate and excited about technology with technical, leadership, and soft skills that will expose them to possibilities of becoming world-class software developers and technology leaders on the African continent and beyond.

Community Activities

Fostering Technical and Soft Skills 

Skill up sessions

Held on a weekly basis where everyone shares their learning progress, blockers faced as they engage with the coding challenges, and the community leads help out on solving these.

Webinar Series

Here we invite influencial experts in the tech space to share with the community about a number of topics which are related to tech.

Technical Writing

We also conduct these sessions to equip our community members with this skill so as to enable them to write better documentations.

Why CodeImpact Dev Community

Our open community exists because we believe that 21st-century skills especially for our youth are very crucial for our country to grow and prosper. Through our community, we learn from each other and also bring in industry experts to talk to our community members about various topics.

We are not only focused on building one’s technical skills but also their soft skills competencies. In a world that has gone largely remote as far as working is concerned, we need to build capacity for competent knowledge workers who can leverage the remote work scene to find work.

We emphasize professional and effective communication as one of the major skills to attain in our community. Communication is key in a remote setting with culturally diverse teams working across different geographical spaces.

what Our members are saying

Tarremwa Faith

CodeImpact dev community is a good community where developers can meet to share and prove their programming skills

Tarremwa Faith

Mathius Ndamire

CodeImpact dev community is so inspiring, encouraging, and motivating. I love to be there because of the generosity of the community leads and the members.

Mathius Ndamire

What we have achieved so far

Here are some of the Freecodecamp certificates of some of our Community Members

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