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Social media companies
I have recently developed an urge to have a closer look at this topic especially now that there is a lot of discussion about how much data the 5 big tech companies(commonly referred to as FAANG-Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) are collecting from us. The question that comes to mind is; How much damage is the attention economy causing to us but most especially to our young ones who are still in their formative
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As we expose our children to the technology of the 21st century we need to make sure we are exposing them to the technology that is designed with the following core tenets in place:

Design to enable wise choices

"Instead of assuming intent based on what users reveal via their engagement metrics, focus on understanding users’ values and goals and help them refine their moment-to-moment intentions."

They show us not what we want, but what we can’t help looking at.

Just because we look at something, or we click on something, that doesn’t mean it’s what we want, or even what we believe is best for us.

Our evolutionary responses are calibrated for survival, not for thriving.

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