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Recording our digital hustle africa podcast with DJ Bush Baby

Responsible use of the internet by our children

Posted by  on  March 1, 2021
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The Digital Hustle Africa podcast spent an hour this weekend with arguably East Africa’s best DJ Bush-baby talking about responsible use of the internet by teenagers and how parents are dealing with it. It was interesting to see how being involved as a parent can make a huge difference in making sure our children are well protected on the internet. DJ Bush Baby was emphatic in his position that parents ought to create an environment
Social media companies
I have recently developed an urge to have a closer look at this topic especially now that there is a lot of discussion about how much data the 5 big tech companies(commonly referred to as FAANG-Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) are collecting from us. The question that comes to mind is; How much damage is the attention economy causing to us but most especially to our young ones who are still in their formative
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