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Social media companies
I have recently developed an urge to have a closer look at this topic especially now that there is a lot of discussion about how much data the 5 big tech companies(commonly referred to as FAANG-Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) are collecting from us. The question that comes to mind is; How much damage is the attention economy causing to us but most especially to our young ones who are still in their formative
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Warning about my HTML/CSS course: a good portion of the beginning is spent writing HTML *without ever opening a browser*. This is intentional and about resetting mental models and breaking the bad habit of thinking only visually. It’s about getting back to fundamentals.

Tactic 3: Outcomes > Inputs

Ultimately - results are what matter.

Some people do REALLY good work, but can't seem to produce results.

Letting this continue was a blind spot of mine for a long time.

We decided we would no longer value inputs.

We value outcomes.

This documentary touches on a subject I'm very passionate about.

Digital citizenship is a subject I will be talking to our kids a lot about, through schools and other safe places for kids.

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