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Content Creation! My Discoveries about it

Well, most businesses have gone digital! and yes this is the best decision one can make. I mean, it gives you the opportunity to grow your business beyond your physical location and also, allows you to access potential customers you could never reach conventionally. This clearly indicates that your clients are online too. And so, you need to keep in touch with them through different channels, using various content formats. Content creation comes in to bridge the gap between the audience and the digital business. With content, businesses can attract leads and foster positive connections with their audience.

Content Creation

Let’s get to our main focus “content creation”. Content creation is literally looked at from various perspectives. In mine, I take it as a process of identifying a topic you want to write about and your target audience, deciding which format of content you want to produce, formalizing your strategy on how you are to deliver the content, and then finally producing it.

My discoveries

My work at CodeImpact is aligned in content creation. What I have learned is that all content serves one purpose that is, to connect with your clients and prospective clients. This clearly implies that you enter an agreement with the reader for each piece of content they read. To be honest, content creation isn’t that simple. It is something that involves thorough rounds of edits with other stakeholders before it is ready for publishing. In fact, when I had just started on this journey, I thought content creation starts with my own ideas:- “what I always wanted to say”. But hey, I was absolutely wrong. The whole process actually starts with understanding your audience. — Finding out what they value, their interests, and also the previous content that appealed to them and why. This is key to help you generate content ideas in the process.

Generating content ideas

Content ideas come from a variety of places ranging from the content team, clients, other stakeholders within your company to something that inspires you. These ideas solely depend on the goal of a particular piece of content that is intended to be addressed to the audience. As mentioned earlier deciding the correct angle you should take on a specific idea can prove challenging. In conclusion, you should always first understand who your audience is and also put into consideration their value and interests. I am glad you read this far. Thank you! Special thanks to Alex Shyaka my mentor and the entire CodeImpact team. It’s indeed a privilege to be part of this awesome community.