Alex Shyaka

Alex Shyaka

Founder and CEO
Passionate about Tech Mentorship for all

A CodeImpact case for building a technology community in Uganda that harnesses practitioners and leaders in the global technology space.

CodeImpact believes in the power of technology and what it can do to change lives and impact communities. In Africa where youth unemployment is high, technology is part of the answer to change the status quo.

We believe that introducing technology early to our children will put them in a better place to compete favorably with their counterparts all over the world.

In a world where technology has demystified geographical barriers, jobs are no longer defined by location but by the availability of talent. 

As Africans, we need to build a critical mass of technology leaders and practitioners so that our generations to come can be global players in the technology space.

CodeImpact was born out of the desire to raise our stake as Africans in the technology space globally and therefore equipping our children with the skills they need is imperative for our sustainable growth. We could have picked any other space to focus on but we chose coding as a literacy skill for teenagers.

Freecodecamp certficate of our open developer community member
One of our community members first freecodecamp certificate

Like Steve Jobs said Coding or computer programming teaches you how to think. Most of our education system does not teach us how to think but instead focuses on cramming facts and reproducing them to pass a test. We think differently at CodeImpact.

We encourage our learners to think and tinker and endeavor to create a space where people are free to fail and learn from their mistakes. We do not castigate failure but rather encourage it because it is the only sure way to mastery.

We run weekend coding programs for teenagers and also pre-teens who feel confident and are eager to learn and grow. 

Our program runs for a period of 12 weeks and in those weeks our learners are facilitated to learn and collaborate on projects. Our facilitators are available throughout the week to offer support in-case some learners need clarity on topics or are experiencing challenges on their weekly projects.

Ultimately our main goal is to build a community of over one million technology practitioners and leaders that will continue to learn from each other, build projects together, start companies together and recommend opportunities to each other.

All learners that go through this 12-week program will immediately be legible to join this community and we shall have a strong support system to keep the community active, vibrant, and relevant in the global technology space.