Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Bite sized outcome based learning 

Creative outcome based learning with our experienced learning facilitators. Learners are able to learn through building a project. 

Our bite sized learning approach and building the resilience to learn through doing has proven to be an immense success.

Emmanuel  . Course Instructor

Course Overview

In this course, children will embark on a creative journey into the world of coding and computer programming.

They will learn the fundamentals of block-based programming using Scratch, a popular and beginner-friendly platform developed by MIT.

With Scratch’s colorful blocks and drag-and-drop interface, young minds can bring their ideas to life without getting bogged down by complex coding syntax.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce Block-Based Programming: Children will learn about block-based programming concepts, understanding how to combine blocks to create scripts that control characters, animations, and interactive projects.

  • Foster Creativity and Problem-Solving: Through hands-on activities and projects, children will enhance their creativity and critical thinking skills, as they design and build their own interactive stories, games, and animations.

  • Cultivate Computational Thinking: We will help young learners develop computational thinking skills, breaking down problems into smaller steps and solving them methodically.

UGX 55000 per session

Build a game using block based programming tools with the support our experienced learning facilitators


2 sessions every weekend 

10AM to 12 Noon

2PM to 4PM

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Who is this course for?


You’re a creative young mind that loves to learn and tinker with technology


You’re a curious hobbyist who wants to make the connection between technology and the real world


You want to use creative ways to work on your school science project. Our BBC microbit session would be perfect for this

What you’ll get out of this course.

Course Structure:


Introduction to Scratch: Children will get acquainted with the Scratch interface, learning how to use blocks to create simple animations and characters.


Interactive Stories: We will guide students in developing their storytelling skills by creating interactive stories with multiple characters, dialogues, and animations.


Game Development: Children will delve into the world of game design, building their own games using Scratch’s block-based tools and exploring gameplay mechanics.


Art and Animation: Our course will also cover art and animation, allowing children to express their creativity through unique characters and visual effects.


Showcase Project: In the final module, each student will work on a self-directed project, combining the skills learned throughout the course to create a unique Scratch creation.


Course Benefits:


Develops problem-solving skills and logical thinking

Encourages creativity and self-expression

Fosters a positive attitude towards technology and coding

Enhances teamwork and communication abilities

Builds a foundation for future coding endeavors

Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and creativity with Scratch! 

Whether your child is a budding programmer or a curious explorer, this course will provide them with a solid introduction to the world of block-based coding and the joys of creating their own interactive digital projects.

 Let’s unlock their potential and set them on the path to becoming confident creators of the digital future!

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The fundamentals of coding using Scratch and the BBC Micro-bit

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