Custom Website Development


At CodeImpact, we believe that your website is the backbone of your business. This is because it supports all your company’s digital marketing efforts, and also serves as your primary customer touch point.

We, therefore, ensure to create custom websites for our clients depending on their specific needs but most importantly by making their designs from scratch.

We start this process by putting first the following into consideration: Who your target customers are? Your top competitors, why your customers must choose you, and lastly the problem your business addresses. 

This enables us to analyze the level of competition, create content that matters, communicate effectively to the targeted audience and also convert your visitors to potential clients.

We then make your brand stand out in a positive way by building a unique design that clearly represents the brand of your business, based on the full customization of your website. 

Website Design & Development

Our goal is to build you a remarkable website while offering you the best possible customer service. 

“Most clients have a perception that, as long as their site looks good, it will definitely float in cyberspace, effectively extending their brand reach while attracting a great number of interested users.”

Well, a website must offer an engaging and dynamic user experience. That is, how it communicates, shows off products and capabilities to the targeted audience but most importantly, how it converts potential clients. This fact is our guiding principle where our main focus points while designing websites for our customers.

The culture of working in closeness with our customers ensures that they are satisfied throughout the development process of their websites. 

We take time to discuss your project at length with you thereby understanding your requirements, the needs of the business, and your end goals. This is key to ensuring that the solution we build not only meets your expectations but hopefully exceeds them too.

Free Consultation

We offer in-depth consultations at no cost. We would be thrilled to talk with you about your project. Schedule your free website consultation and have an honest discussion with a professional web developer about your website design.

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