Who We Are

CodeImpact LTD is a Software development and training consultancy that designs and develops curricula for coding boot camps in accelerated learning environments.

CodeImpact builds bespoke software for clients on-demand and also provides hands-on coding sessions to teenagers around Uganda.

CodeImpact runs an open developer community as well that aims to mentor young budding software developers to become not only technically competent but also grow as technology leaders.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver timely and working software and technical curricula to our clients, and to mentor and grow our developer community members as technology leaders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to train and mentor one hundred thousand software developers in Africa in 10 years and to deliver customized software products to our clients.

Mirriam Akongo

Developer and Content Creator

Alex Shyaka

CEO and Founder

Akol Sharon

Product Designer

Sharon Alinda

Digital Marketing Expert

Phionah Kemigisha

Operations Manager

Roland Sankara

Developer and Trainer

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